1. Dottie, I’m testing again. I’m trying to set up your email to filter WordPress emails in to its own folder. Didn’t work last time, so I’m trying again.


  2. This is something new for me, I don’t do well because my spelling is very bad.
    Carole is settled into the assisted living home. She is one of six people (3 male and 3 female). The folks who run the place are quite capable and have the blessing of Hospice of the valley. I am moving her computer into the room and hope to get it running soon, but you know how that can go. Her coming to church the last two Sundays has been a great uplifft for me.
    Dottie, here is hoping that your blog works smashingly well.


  3. thanks for the link to Hope.. @All you joke tellers :)..Thank you..I am wtriing them all down (I have never been able to remember a punch line and while I could blame it on age it was no differnt when I was young..er). I am going to pull them out during the family BBQ Monday.@Karen G .sent you an email..hope you rec’vd I have been having issues with mail for the past week. But when I resend, I find out people are getting duplicates. BGod Bless you all


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