“peace that passes understanding…”

…is one of my favorite sayings in the scripture.  Mainly because I can use it to care for other so often.  Like when we are praying at a hospital bed before surgery…peace that passes understanding…  Or when someone doesn’t know why they lost their job…peace that passes understanding…  Or when you get the news that your mama just passed on…peace that passes understanding.

I remind myself of this often too.  Mostly when I look at the news and see the words “Swine Flu Pandemic,” or “Schools Shut Down” or “Should We Gather in Public Spaces?”  Those things can bring us to a state of panic if we let them.  But we are the ones who follow the One who believed in “peace that passes understanding.”  So I encourage us all to keep the peace in our hearts, minds and in our families and communities.  Live the rule of love.  Keep close to God and to God’s world every day.  

And, in case you were wondering,…I’ll see you in church this Sunday!


Pastor Dottie

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