the wedding

So we gathered the family in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico…and there we witnessed the marriage of Sara and Alex Kekic.  It was a beautiful sight…watching love’s expression of commitment happen as we dressed formally, but barefoot, on the beach.  The sun was setting to a beautiful hue of reds, oranges and pinks…colors of the heart.  If we had planned for everything to go perfectly, we couldn’t have pulled it off better…which makes me think Someone was watching over us to give us a moment of true beauty.  And, the Mother Preacher didn’t even cry (I did all day, but not during the wedding!)

Afterwards we ate great food…even had a woman making homemade tortillas…and danced till they made us leave.  More fun.  More joy.  Life fully lived in a moment’s time.

Sara and Alex and Niko are fully family now.  And we are so proud of their love and life.

We are exhausted…and thanking God for the gift of deep joy.

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