Filed in Federal District Court

CrossRoads United Methodist Church filed a complaint in court…going through the process to right a wrong.

The weekend services were great.

Saturday worship was over before the rain began.  A first time volunteer, young woman, looked over the whole thing and teared up.  A regular volunteer is figuring out what to do with our flower garden. Steve brought his trash can art (see photos). Ralph is back outdoors again and hoping to find a spot to stay dry today.  The sermon was fantastic (thanks Tom!).

Sunday worship also great.  Worshippers gathering together to focus on the Stations of the Cross and to go deep with God. Margarita, our young artist, put up pictures of the first three stations and we walked those stations during communion (great art work, Margarita!).  Looked at what to do “When You are Unjustly Accused.”

The thing I love about weekends is that people gather and focus our thoughts on God and on God’s people…moving beyond our narrow views to see the wider view of life.  Refreshing…  Ready for the week now.


  1. Good Luck. Although I’m a devout and militant Atheist I truly hope you win.

    Jeff Prager
    Founder & Publisher – Retired
    Senior Magazine
    Maricopa County


  2. Dear Pastor Dottie,
    I will keep your mission to feed His sheep in my prayers. I will continue to requesting a softened heart for the powers that be and wisdom to circumnavigate the legal system; may cracks be found in the wall of intolerance.

    Dee Vore
    Cole United Methodist Church
    Yale, MI


  3. Stay strong. I am part an outdoor church community where housed and unhoused worship and break bread together in the Boston Common ( We are in harmony with the city and neighbors. I hope some of your neighbors are standing by you and spending time with you on Saturdays.

    Good Luck!


  4. I found you through a news article. I’m not a theist or religious at all, but I absolutely respect what you all are doing at CrossRoads UMC. It’s very scary how religious groups continue to suffer in a nation that was once very adamantly opposed to infringing upon or controlling religious expression and activity. The actions of your reactionary neighbors and the city are decidedly unconstitutional, and I wish you the best in your fight.

    It’s a bright moment for the Church to be following the teachings of Jesus, especially in times as economically challenging as they are today. Granted, concerns of safety and property are legitimate, but so are concerns about religious freedom and the welfare of people who don’t have homes. Whatever the resolution will be, clearly the balance is not to shut you all down or force you to leave your ministerial home to carry out your good work.

    Best of luck, for the sake of the homeless and for the sake of freedom and democracy.


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