The Way of the Methodists

It is not easy to take on the powers of injustice in the world.  Ask this church, CrossRoads UMC, about the scars we have obtained in the past year.  It is not easy, but it is the necessary work of the church.  We fed the hungry…and suffered for doing so.  But our suffering is nothing compared to the suffering of those who are literally hungry. We walk with people who are coming out of prison and looking to reStart their lives.  And we walk with those who will do anything for food.  And we walk with those who can’t get the medical attention they need.  And we walk with those who are homeless for the first time.

Now Prodigal’s Home, the ministry we partnered with, will move into the neighborhood of poverty, where their services and their love will not be fought.  To live amidst the people who are poor is a very good thing.  And CrossRoads, the church that housed and partnered with them, will continue to feed the hungry…through the ministry of Prodigal’s Home and through new outreach.  The hunger is great.  The food is scarce.  The workers are passionate.

We go on.  For it is the way of our tradition and history.  If you don’t believe me, just check out this blog by Buzz Stevens…a mentor of mine…who continues to call us into the future by the way of our past.

Enjoy the reading!


Faith, hope, and love,


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