igottatellyou aboutThanksgiving

It was amazing to be with the group of families who take care of the children of their neighborhood this Thanksgiving. They are called Dejar Venid los Ninos a Mi…Los Ninos, for short. Many people joined in the effort: Christ Church Assembly of God provided food boxes the Saturday before Thanksgiving; CrossRoads provided our usual food distribution on Wednesday before Thanksgiving; and Debi Murphy, a member of CrossRoads, gathered together her workplace, along with some young adults from CrossRoads, to provide a breakfast on Thanksgiving Day. They were surrounded with people who reached out their hands in love and care.

The most exciting part of this week was that a little church nearby agreed to partner with Los Ninos and invite them to move inside their building on Wednesday night and Saturday morning. No longer do we have to meet outside between two trailers in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter. Now this little community of people that loves to learn about God, will be housed indoors, and will be free to grow into a new space. This was a moment of great celebration and Thanksgiving!

I am thankful that the group we call Los Ninos…received some much-needed food, were served a breakfast by loving workers, and found a new warm/cool place to gather.
Faith, hope, love,

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