Central Farmer’s Market

The Central Farmer’s Market is up and running @ CrossRoads.  It all started with an idea that was planted by Dr. Len Sweet.  He states that churches need to recognize that it is a different economic day.  No longer can we rely on offerings as the sole means of supporting the mission.  Today the church must find other avenues for support, as do many non-profit organizations.  And so, the fundraiser of the Farmer’s Market has begun.

But its much more than that.  It is our way of reaching out to the community to provide avenues for healthy eating and healthy living. In our day where food has been associated with toxins, it is wonderful to be part of the answer for providing pure food.  The stuff that farmer’s know about.  The stuff that is original.  The stuff that God made.

My favorite thing, besides the vegetables, was the cream.  It was like the stuff we had in my childhood…unforgetable! Great on the pumpkin pie…

Come buy some healthy food…Saturday at 9am-2pm.  Eat well…take care of the body God gave you…eat real food…and enjoy caring for your family!

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