on reading Scripture…

This week I’m in Fresno, California in a studio called Floodgate Productions.  I am being taped reading portions of the new Bible translation, The Common English Bible.  Yesterday I read Ruth, Lamentations, and some Psalms.  I have put in one and a half days, and have three more days of reading.  I have been really excited about this project because I love reading the Bible, and because I want everyone to read it.  But there are many people who just don’t like to read that much, but now, with an audio version, you can listen to it on your way to work or while working out, or as a devotional time at the beginning or the end of your day.  The thing I’ve been jazzed about, is that people will hear the word in a way that reaches into the future.  We will never know how this reading brings hope to people, but we know it will bring hope, and faith, and love for generations to come.

I’m grateful, then, to Paul and Len at Abingdon Press, and to Gary(Doug), Judy, Dave, Jason, Josh, and Lorrie at Floodgate Productions.  They have done the hard work, and they have dedicated so much time and expertise to the project.

But, I thought….really, I thought this…that reading the Bible would be easy.  After all, I’ve been doing it for awhile.  But on the first day of recording, I found out otherwise.   I was on the second verse of the first chapter of Ruth (which was the second verse I had read in studio) and we had to do it over so many times…maybe 22 times….  It’s embarrassing to be at Take 22 on Verse 2!  AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!

Day Two was easier.  I changed some things.  I imagined reading to the people of CrossRoads.  I saw your faces and told the story to you.  I took away the chair and stood up…like I was standing you before you on Sunday morning.  And I took off my shoes, so that I understood I was on holy ground.  Reading the Bible is being on holy ground.  Then it came…I read without 22 takes per verse.  We laughed, sometimes the scripture made me cry and I had to stop and breathe, and then we laughed again at some of my stupid mistakes of the tongue.

Amy Grant sang a song that made a verse in the Bible popular.  The line in the song (and the Bible verse) goes:

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

The Common English Bible version of Psalm 119:105 says it this way,

“Your word is a lamp before my feet and a light for my journey.”

I pray this week will benefit all of us who need light for the road of our lives.  And, as always, I’m praying for you!

With faith, hope & love,

Pastor Dottie

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