The “Do”

img_02932Sometimes we forget, in the daily movement of life, what we are doing.  When I look at this picture, I think about the children at Los Ninos that are being fed:  body, mind, and soul…  And I remember the gift of Central Farmer’s Market, and how it keeps us healthy, whole, and community-focused.  And I recall how CrossRoads gave $727 to Imagine No Malaria, which helped save 72.7 lives from this disease.  And I think about the lives that are new to the faith, and how they are being turned around by God’s love.  Sometimes we forget what we are doing, but today I just wanted to remember…

What we do matters to God.  It is the extension of who we are.  The “do” comes out of the “be.”  We ARE followers of Jesus, and because of our own transformation, we DO things differently.  We notice the hurting people.  We offer help.  We express life in joy and peace.  We face the world with open arms and hearts.  We worship God first.  And we care for each other, and ourselves, next.  These are our “do’s” as we live a life that has been remade.

The gospels give us a “do” as well.  It’s called The Commission. The gospel of John describes the commission this way,

Jesus:  Do you love me?

Peter:  You know that I do.

Jesus:  Feed my sheep.

We cannot separate the doing from the being.  Our love for Jesus compels us to feed the hungry, stand up for the beaten-down, and care for those in hiding.

Today I pray that we love well…feeding bodies, minds, and souls for the love of Jesus.

In faith, hope, & love,

Pastor Dottie

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