Peace on Earth

images 5.12.47 PM“Peace on earth, goodwill to all humanity.”  It’s a saying we know well.  It’s a place we wish to dwell.  It’s a sacred thought, and a world-wide desire.  We all want peace.

But it seems that peace is illusive this season of Advent. We continue to see more mass shootings, and we continue to have our hearts stunned in shock and grief.  San Bernardino was the latest.  I had two family members (cousins) who were either close by in a lock-down, or could have been in that very building.  It hits close to home, and it makes me stop in my zapatos.

I remember that Joseph and Mary left their hometown and traveled across the lands to register for the census when their baby was about to be born.  It might have been a dangerous trip, but they were surrounded by other travelers who were also just trying to register and then get back home.  Our own nativity story is one of being displaced, of hiding from danger, and of finding some sort of peace and goodwill to all humans…in a manger.

It was just a moment of peace.  Not a month of peace, nor an era of peace, but it was just a moment.  Mary had her baby…they found some ratty shelter, and it was better than being outdoors.  And she survived the delivery.  And so did Joseph.  And the Babe was born:   the Babe-that-would-change-the-world was born.

You could call him Prince of Peace, though he lived in a time of turmoil and chaos.  You could call him King of Kings, though his reign was not of this world.

You might just call him Savior, or Jesus, Son of God.

He came to bring peace in the middle of turmoil.

And this season of the Nativity, I am praying for Peace most of all.  It’s what I want and work for.  It’s what I preach and pray for.  It’s what will make a difference in the world we live in.

Pray with me.  Hope with me.  Work with me.  For Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Everyone!

Faith, hope, & love,…and Peace,



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