dscn1322I love listening to politics…up to a point. I found out that recently I reached my “point” of saturation. I could no longer listen fully to certain views or responses. So, for my sanity, I had to take a politics-break. Even though I feel passionately, and deeply care about this election, I was so done.
So I switched to Netflix and began watching Slow TV. Have you heard of it? Slow TV is the antidote to busyness and stress. On SlowTv you can watch, for example, 7 plus hours of the train ride from Bergen to Oslo, Norway…an unedited ride on the train. Or you can watch someone knitting, or salmon fishing, for hours on hours. It can be the backdrop to your life…a real-paced movement…that is different from the argumentative, high-volumed, volly of words that bring opposition but no understanding. SlowTV is like a reset to life in real time…and it is so amazingly calming. Check it out here:
I’ll be somewhere on election day where I can celebrate/mourn with those who basically think like me…but until then, for the next 15 days, I’ll be taking many breaks to breathe.


  1. Like you, I’ve decided to “break up” with election coverage when I realized how anxious I’d become listening to all of the negativity. Love the Slow TV on Netflix! Thanks so much for introducing me to it!

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