Herman Cain

a note to Mr. Herman Cain

Mr. Cain,

I am fairly confident you will not read this.  However, I still need to say this to the world at large.  I was taught to respect all people, even people who disagree across political lines.  So, when I saw you join the ranks of persons running for the presidency, I thought you might be someone who would bring some good things to the table.

Now, lately I have seen the news about women charging you with sexual harassment, and time will provide for the truth to rise up to the top.  I see the news focusing on this…and I’m thinking it through…mostly listening.  We, the public, don’t know where the truth lies, but we know the truth will be known.

But, really, I’m thinking to myself as I listen to the news, that I’m already done listening.  Mr. Herman Cain, you lost me at “electrifying” Mexicans. (I know you didn’t say “Mexican” but that is the border you were talking about…and I’m one (Mexican). It is hard to believe that a man of your heritage, who knows people were killed because of their color, could make the comment you made….well, I am stunned.

I am not stunned to silence.  I am stunned to voice.  Now I’ve put it out there.  And I will move on to hear the other voices that are out there…

Of course, even when we disagree, you are a child of God, and I pray God’s grace be with you.

Dottie Escobedo-Frank