what a summer!

well just got home from a beautiful and restful trip to Idaho.  Enjoyed visiting with family and being out of cell phone access.  I missed the phone for..oh…about a day.  Then I celebrated life without interruption!  The beauty of Idaho hills, the quiet sounds of nature, a real (non-commercialized) hot springs, and getting back on a horse again…all did wonders for this city-used-to-be-country girl!  Rest is good for the soul.

and so is work.  Landed back in Phoenix to see off our Seminary Intern, Brian Schlemmer.  He preached a powerful and challenging sermon.  What a godsend he has been as we faced a summer of challenge.  He’s off to finish his last year of seminary, and I’d say, he’s already ready to be a pastor.

this week will be another series of meetings as we continue to sit down with our neighbors and work towards resolution.  We are continuing to feed the homeless and stepping up in our attempt to be neighborly to all.  We have added a trash patrol, and alley-way checks on Saturday mornings.  We have added a 24-hour cell phone for assistance for the neighborhood.  The city, the neighbors, and the church are at the table doing the work of being a community.  Even though it’s not easy, it feels good and right.  Isn’t this what life is really about?

thank you everyone for your ongoing support.  We will keep you updated as time goes on, but for now, we continue to care for “the least of these”…and as our intern, Brian, reminded us this morning:  We need them as much (or more) as they need us.  In fact, if you think about it, who’s to say that “the least of these” isn’t just us?  (not good English, but you get the point).

what a summer!  God is good.  All the time.


  1. I work in downtown Phoenix, near the Diocese at 3rd St and Monroe, and they feed the homeless everyday at 7:30am. Is the Diocese Church in a different type of zone than Crossroads?


  2. Pastor,
    I attend North Scottsdale United Methodist Church. Our pastor recently informed us of this issue. Please know that our prayers are with you and that we are considering ways to assist.


    John M. Resler


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