church in the city

I’ve been reading statistics about our neighborhood…and seeing the amazing diversity and rich fabric of all God’s creation that surrounds CrossRoads.  And I’ve been talking with pastors nearby and people in the neighborhood, and have been so awed by our shared difference.  I say “shared difference” because we are each other’s neighbors, and what happens to one happens to all.  We sometimes forget that, but today I am remembering…

So when a young girl asks for help, I remember what it was like to be young, while at the same time feeling my age…

And when an elderly gentleman explains his viewpoint, I hear his cry for the past, while continuing to seek out our common future.

And when an immigrant says, “I just want to work, Pastor,” I lift my head up and cry out to God for change so that he can work and feed his family…all the while I am humbled to be able to feed those I love.

We are so different.  But we belong to each other.  We are all neighbors, no matter our diverse-ness.  So when Jesus said “Love thy neighbor” I’m thinking he probably meant all of us.

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  1. i read your story, and say, keep doing what u r doing. i also run a young men’s mentoring group, and we hold a supper every 2nd and 4th sunday of the month. we r not religious, however we do teach the principles of brotherhood and unity. the law of the circle, treat others as you would want to be treated. regardless of the religion the principles are the same. suppertime is a magical time, and at no other time will u get someone’s undivided attention. we don’t serve the last supper, we serve the first supper. keep up the good work. BABA.


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