First day without mirrors…

Well, first of all, I can tell you that it’s not so hard to hang towels and sheets over your mirrors with a little packing tape.  Funny, how many mirrors in the house…I just concentrated on the ones in my dressing area and bathroom.  The others I will just avoid.

Second, it takes so much less time to get dressed in the morning.  My usual routine of trying on 4 or 5 outfits till I find the right one, was over.  First outfit was just fine! Don’t know how it looks, really, but can’t be that bad…

The make-up routine was also cut in half.  Put on less…  I did get the mascara on, by feeling the edges of my lashes with the mascara wand.  Hopefully no smudges… Overall, getting ready in the morning was a breeze without the mirror.  Since I don’t really like this part of my day, I was quite pleased.

Found it weird to have to dodge mirrors.  Conscious of how they are everywhere. Bathroom at work…just kept my focus down on the faucet… My hunch was right:  we have mirrors everywhere in our society.

So far, not so bad…

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