Getting a little ticked…

So far I haven’t made it one day without seeing myself in the mirror.  A few times, I just looked in a mirror that I passed by.  When that happened, I felt shocked by my blunder.  How could I do that?  What a huge habit ingrained.  I thought looking in the mirror would be easy to give up.  Instead, I am totally frustrated!

The other problem is that mirrors are everywhere, and I forget to watch out for them.  I go to the bathroom, and there is a mirror.  I walk in a restaurant and there is a mirror.  I have thought about staying home more where I can control my environment…but that doesn’t seem like a good solution.

Getting ready in the morning is still more fun.  Less time.  Less attention.  I am thinking about even nixing makeup totally…I can’t see what I look like, so why bother? I do get frustrated that I can’t see the final result of fixing my hair…

There is an unease that goes deep.  But it is an unease that is pushing me to see something on the inside… a quiet voice that is being heard from the depth of my soul.  I can’t explain it fully yet, but I can feel it.

I am becoming more aware of the world of mirrors we live in.  It seems like mirrors are coming at me from everywhere…like I’m in a game of Dodge Ball, but there are 100 places to dodge a day…

more later…gotta go to church.

One comment

  1. I’ve never really done very well with going without something. I either pick something trivial, resent doing-without, or find it too temporary. The idea of adding something appealed to me as a more positive way to potentially create a good habit.
    So I’m starting & ending each day with an “email to Jesus.” So far, it’s going well. There have been a couple of late evenings when thought I might be too tired, but it turned out to be “refreshing!”


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