places to find mirrors…

Well this week I travelled to Nashville and had a new venture of avoiding mirrors.  I found mirrors in these places:

Bathrooms, hotel lobby, airport walls, airplane bathrooms (hard to avoid that one), restaurants, hotel room (couldn’t cover them all), meeting rooms, coffee shop, book store, shoe store, the sunglasses of my friends (I asked them to remove them so I could look their way), mirrored/glassed exterior of buildings, and I probably missed a few.  Also, I found that my reflection peeked my way in windows, shiny cars, and other sun-reflecting surfaces.

I found some tricks to avoid mirrored spaces.  One is leave the lights off in rooms with mirrors…this decreases your desire to be in that room and reminds me that it is a place to avoid.  Also, I throw towels over mirrors (in hotel rooms).  I look ahead more…to make sure I don’t find an unexpected trap.  And I look down more.  The street doesn’t have mirrors.

Interesting to travel and not care what I wore.  I just threw in what was comfortable.  In fact, I am more and more picking clothes that are just comfortable.  I have added uncomfortable clothes to my “give away” pile…

I had my whole day without seeing my reflection on the 7th day.  Since then, I have had a few more, but it doesn’t happen often that I can get through a day without seeing myself.  But at least now I am not habitually going to check out my reflection in the mirror…

The experiment is getting tiresome.  Sometimes I just want to see my eyes.  Other times I find that I am finding something wonderful below the anxiety.  A true ease with self is rising strong.  And a leaning on others.  I have asked my husband if I look stupid in this outfit…he says “No!”, which is what he has always said, so go figure that it makes me feel better.  Tiresome, and giving in to something beneath the surface, and a desire to continue even though I simultaneously want to throw this experiment out the window.

There are 10 mirrors in my house.

34 days left to go…

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