seeing myself again…

Easter Morning…up at 4am and went about my routine and instinctively avoided mirrors… After coffee, I went into the dressing area, and remembered that the mirror fast was over. I pulled off the sheet covering my mirror and had a look.  I was still there!  ha.  And I looked about the same.  Except that I thought this Easter morning that I was looking especially beautiful with my early morning look… 🙂  And then I looked at my eyes.  Ahhh…now that I missed.  I missed seeing my eyes more than anything else.  I remembered that I had been frustrated by  not being able to see my hair as I fixed it…but really, that was no big deal compared to the soul-gaze into the eyes.  I saw in them, “it is well with my soul…”  The scripture says that the eyes are the light of the body (Matthew 6:22)…and so it was good to see the light again.

I went through the day avoiding mirrors..looking down in bathrooms, watching ahead and stepping out of the range, etc…  Now it is a habit…and though I’m sure it won’t last forever (this avoidance of mirrors), I have learned some things…and I am so glad for the new understanding that comes when we stretch ourselves…  Try it sometime!  I dare you!

Here’s lookin’ at you babe!

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