We are working through the preaching series called, “Serious!” and we are looking at serious followers of God in the scriptures.  We’ve looked at Peter and Ruth, and this Sunday the young  will be preaching to us on Timothy and Mary.  It is amazing to see how serious the characters in the Bible were about following God.

And it makes us ask ourselves the question, “How serious are we?”  What are we willing to do for God?  Are we willing to serve others, keep our words kind, speak up when others are being hurt, give a tithe (10%) of our income to God’s world, serve a meal to the homeless, read our scriptures, and keep our hearts pure?
Are we willing? Usually we are.  We are willing.  Sometimes our actions fall short and then we wonder how serious we really are.  I want to encourage you to find ways this week to be serious about your faith in God. Find something to do that reminds you that God is at the center of your life and that God matters the most. Find the one thing you can do that keeps you seriously connect to the One who loves you with His life.
This week a met with a woman who had been homeless since she was a teen.  She continued to fight to get off drugs, and it took her fifteen years to do that.  She now has a child, and this little 3-year old was in my office quoting memorized scriptures to me.  It delighted me to no end to know that her mother never gave up on life, and that she found a way to find the goodness in living.  And especially I smiled as her beautiful little daughter reminded this pastor of God’s love.  I thought to myself that God loved this woman so much that He didn’t give up on her even when things looked hopeless.  That’s our God being serious about us!
And so we too can seriously love the Lord our God.  We do it this way,
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind,
and all your strength.”  Mark 12:30
Keep up the good living for you are greatly loved.
In faith, hope, & love,
Pastor Dottie

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